AesthetiCare Retriderm 0.5% Retinol

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AesthetiCare Retriderm 0.5% Retinol

Retriderm harnesses the power of retinol (Vitamin A) in unique serums that help the retinol get to work in the skin, while minimising irritation.

Retriderm is clinically proven to target and repair the signs of ageing, delivering significant improvements in:

  • Lines and wrinkles

  • Elasticity and tightness

  • Texture and tone

The advanced and clinically proven Vitamin A serum that visibly and physically rejuvenates aged skin. The 0.5% retinol serum is ideal for those with sensitive skin, or those with less photo-damage. It can also be used as the first step in our Retriderm step-up programme, in which you move up from 0.5% to the 1.0% retinol serum for enhanced results for skin with higher levels of photo-damage.

Use Retriderm in the evening, building up from 1-2 times per week to 3-4 times per week. Always use Heliocare broad spectrum, high-level UV protection during the day when using Retriderm as you will become more sensitive to photo-damage.


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