Aestheticare Glycolic & Salicylic Wash

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Aestheticare Glycolic & Salicylic Wash

A glycolic and salicylic acid cleanser, which provides more vigorous exfoliation and anti-oxidant protection.

Using a daily facial cleanser that exfoliates will renew and refine your complexion for a soft, smooth texture. Glycolic and Salicylic acid Cleanser removes oil, dirt and debris from within pores for healthy skin. Glycolic acid and salicylic acid eliminate dead skin and encourage cell renewal to fade the look of damage and signs of aging. Natural ingredients such as green tea extract and aloe deliver antioxidant benefits to protect against harmful free radicals. Begin your routine with this cleanser to promote a smooth, healthy and radiant complexion.

Size: 177ml

Massage onto face avoiding the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry. Start using twice a week and gradually increase to once daily. Always apply a sunscreen daily.


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