Kerastase Spe Dermo-Calm Masque Sensidote 200ml

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Soothing Calming Masque for Sensitive Scalp.


Sensidote Dermo-Calm Masque is enriched with Mentha P. for an instant soothing action.

Light on the scalp, it also gives suppleness and softness to the hair with non-greasy effect and natural finish.


? MENTHA P : Also know as Peppermint, Mentha P. , is used in traditional pharmacopeia as an anti-spasmodic and an inflammatory ingredient.

? SALIX N : Recognized for its soothing properties, Salix n. comes from willow extract, one of the most important natural ingredients used in the formulation of aspirin.

? GLYCERIN : Molecula extracted from vegetal oils, Glycerin has a triple calming power. It is able to hydrate, soothe and protect the scalp from external aggressions.


Apply the mask on the scalp section by section for an equal distribution. Massage the product for a deep penetration. Spread to the lengt

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