Baxter of California Shave Tonic Concentrate

Description +

This is a CONCENTRATE and needs to be diluted with water. Revitalizing routine for a comfortable, smooth shave. Prior to shaving, use with a hot towel, to help soften and prep facial hair. To soothe and refresh skin use post-shave, with a cold towel
Directions of use :

  • Pour entire contents into one-gallon jug, filling the rest with distilled water, or mix one-part concentrate with seven parts distilled water.
  • Shake before using. T
  • ransfer desired amount to spray bottle.
  • Place towel(s) in steamer for 20 min. Pre Shave- hot towels. Post Shave- cold towels.
  • Do not spray directly on face.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. CAUTION: Flammable until dry.
  • Keep away from flames and heat


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